Become a Member

BAPVC will be selecting the best research teams in the U.S. to perform the research in the areas and specific topics identified by the Industry Board. Members gain the right to guide this talent for a small fraction of the collective resources applied to fund the research. The opportunity for direct interaction with such scientists and potential for stimulating new solutions is a significant benefit. These teams will, of course, be developing students with exposure not only to the science of PV, but through internships in member companies and partnerships with Industry led consortia they will also develop workforce skills. Early awareness of their availability will be seen by some members as of primary importance.

Governance Voting Member of Industry Board which provides direction on the research program and other matters of BAPVC governance
Research agenda Participate in the meetings of the Industry Board that provide the primary forum for interaction with academic researchers and provide input on industry-relevant problems that are suitable for BAPVC research
Review proposals Review and rank proposals, influence which proposals get funded
Monitor research results Attend meetings, video conference seminars by principal investigator and receive regular written updates on research results and invention disclosures
Intellectual property May negotiate nonexclusive royalty-bearing licenses to BAPVC IP