For Universities

BAPVC will find and fund universities across the United States to perform the best research relevant to the needs of our Industry Members.

How to Submit Concept Papers

Under Funding Opportunities, University investigators will find and may download the Nationwide Request for Concept Papers -- Release Date April 12, 2012.

Deadline for Submissions

The Due Date for submissions is May 11, 2012.

Uploading a Concept Paper

Prior to the Due Date, the investigator must create an account that will permit uploading their concept paper and cover slide.

To create your PI account, you will need to create a username and provide an email address. A temporary password will be sent to you.

A complete description of how to upload your concept paper is available here:

Review of Concept Papers

After the closing date, May 11, Industry Members will have access to all of the Concept Papers and Cover Slides to participate in the initial review. Industry Members will participate in evaluation of the Concept Papers to select approximately thirty (30) for receipt of a request for proposals (RFP). In light of the anticipated response and other demands on member’s time, this review may be cursory.

An independent peer review committee will also be assembled to ensure that all papers are thoroughly reviewed and that a set of approximately 60 are identified for review by industry members. On the basis of industry reviews of these white papers, BAPVC will request proposals (RFP) from approximately 30 investigators.

Request for Proposals

Investigators chosen by BAPVC will receive the RFP June 11, 2012.

The technical proposals will be limited to less than 10 pages. Supporting documentation and budgets will be submitted in additional pages.

Due Date for Proposals

Proposals will be due July 16.

Review of Proposals

Industry Members will perform the primary review of proposals. The Executive Board will decide the final selection. Awards will be announced in early September.

In the event that a project is selected for award, the educational institution must execute the BAPVC Research Membership Agreement that describes plans for management of intellectual property and consortium operations.