For Universities

Funding Opportunity

BAPVC is requesting proposals seeking to fund additional research to support our core technologies either by increasing the level-of-effort or duration of existing projects or by funding new projects addressing topics needed to accelerate progress of the existing technologies toward industrial adoption.  

Deadline and Submission Procedure

Proposals should be submitted by e-mail before July 25, 2014 as specified in the Request for Proposals entitled “Advancing BAPVC Technology to the Next Level”.  

Proposals are limited to 5 pages including the Technical Proposal and Budget Estimate submitted on the Proposal Template and a Cover Slide highlighting key aspects of the proposed project.

Next Steps

BAPVC is requesting preliminary proposals.  In the event that a project is selected for award, the Office of Sponsored Research of Stanford University will request a final proposal and full budget proposal to initiate negotiations for award.  

Notice of Receipt

BAPVC has delivered confirmation of receipt of proposals to each respondent.  If you believe that you submitted a proposal and have not received confirmation, please contact the Executive Director at