Current Investigations

Here is a list of our current research projects.

Investigator Institution Title
High Performance and Multijunction Cells - Thrust Leader: Tonio Buonassisi 
Ali Javey Berkeley High Performance, Low Cost, III‐V Photovoltaics on Metal Foils
James S. Harris Stanford Ultra high efficiency thin film multi-junction solar cell
Paul McIntyre Stanford Thin Film Compound Semiconductor Solar Cells via Templated Growth
Michael McGehee Stanford Low-Cost Tandem Solar Cells With Greater than 20% Power Conversion Efficiency
Eli Yablonovitch Berkeley High Voc Solar Absorbers for High-Efficiency, Spectral-Splitting, Solar Cells
Yong-Hang Zhang ASU Si/II-VI double-heterostructure solar cells
Tonio Buonassisi MIT Design principles and defect tolerances of silicon / III-V multijunction interfaces
Peter Bermel Purdue Exploratory Photovoltaic Modeling and Simulation
Photon Management and Transparent ConductorsThrust Leaders: Shanhui Fan and Joel Ager
Mark Brongersma Stanford Percolating Transparent Metallic Electrodes for Solar Cells
Shanhui Fan Stanford Theory and simulation of photon management in nanostructured solar cells
Wladek Walukiewicz LBNL Ideal Transparent Conductors for Full Spectrum Photovoltaics
Joel Ager LBNL New P-type Transparent Conductors
Harry Atwater  Caltech Solar Cell Efficiency Enhancement via Light Trapping in Resonant Dielectric Sphere Arrays
Kaustav Banerjee UC Santa Barbara Graphene Electrode Eng. for Photovoltaic Application
Ning Wu Colorado  Mines Large-Area, Fast, and Electric-Field Assisted Continuous Coating for Nanostructured Photon Management
Silicon Absorbers and Cells - Thrust Leader: Sanjay Banerjee
Yi Cui Stanford High Efficiency Ultrathin Silicon Solar Cells
Sanjay Banerjee Texas Thin Crystalline RPCVD Back Contact Cells
Stuart Bowden ASU Laser Wafering
Maikel van Hest NREL Module Interconnects and Crystalline Film Silicon by Atmospheric Pressure Processing
Vivek Subramanian Berkeley High-resolution, high-speed printing of PV contacts
Thin Film Absorbers and Cells - Thrust Leader: Hugh Hillhouse
Bruce Clemens Stanford Bandgap Grading in Cu2ZnSn(S,Se)4 Solar Cells
Stacey Bent Stanford SnS based Photovoltaics
Michael Toney SLAC Advanced Materials Characterization
Greg Hanket Delaware Advanced Evaporation Source Design
Hugh Hillhouse Washington Development of Multicolor Lock-in PL Method
Scott Dunham Washington Fundamental Modeling of Chalcopyrite Solar Cells
Mark Lonergan Oregon Identifying Problem Areas in CIGS and CdTe Based Photovoltaic Devices
Colin Wolden CSM Non-Equilibrium Processing of CdTe Absorbers
Mike Scarpulla Utah Laser Processing CdTe: Efficiency & Manufacturing
Chris Ferekides USF CdTe Absorbers
Delia Milliron LBNL In situ characterization of grain growth in thin film semiconductors
Peidong Yang Berkeley Applying Cation-Exchange Chemistry to Nanowire Arrays for Efficient Solution-Processed Solar Cells
Encapsulation and Reliability - Thrust Leader: Reinhold Dauskardt
Reinhold Dauskardt Stanford Reliability and Operational Lifetimes for BAPVC Technologies
Roger French Case Western PV Module Performance & Lifetime Prediction:Inserting New Technologies Without Lifetime Penalty
Rachel Segalman, Jeffrey Urban Berkeley Novel polymer-nanocrystal composite barrier layers
Bernard Kippelen, Samuel Graham GIT Tailoring Electrostatic Interactions to Produce Hybrid Barrier Films for Photovoltaics