Current Investigations

Here is a list of our current research projects.

Investigator Institution Title
Capex Awards

Harry Atwater, Stuart Bowden, Mark Brongersma, Tonio Buonassisi

Caltech, ASU, Stanford, MIT

Economic Silicon Heterojunction Solar Cells with Optimized Photon Management
Reiner Dauskardt, Jeffrey Urban, Alberto Salleo
Sue Carter, Matthew Reese
Stanford, LBNL, Stanford, UCSC, NREL
Innovating Module Materials and Metrologies for Reliability of BAPVC Technologies
Yong-Hang Zhang, Mike Scarpulla, Chris Ferekides
ASU, Utah, USF
Low-Cost High-Efficiency 1.7 eV MgCdTe DH Subcell for Si Based Tandems
Ajeet Rohatgi, Mike Stavola
GIT, Lehigh
Wafer-Level Processing of Si Substrates to Improve their Material Quality and Extend Ingot Yield (as useable wafers/ingot) for Very High Efficiency Solar Cells
Mike McGehee, Paul McIntyre, Zachary Holman
Stanford, ASU
Low Capex Solar Manufacturing Enabled by Perovskite Semiconductors
Roger French, Timothy Peshek, Hongping Zhao
Bryan Huey
Network Modeling for Rapid Optimization of Lifetime, Efficiency and CapEx of PERC Solar Cells
DuraMAT Awards
Alan Lyons CUNY A Hybrid Hydrophobic-Hydrophilic Coating with Combined Anti-Reflective and Anti-Soiling Properties
Samuel Graham  GIT Scalable Packaging Materials for Roll-To-Roll Processed Thin Film Solar Cells
Yu Zhu  UAkron Highly-conductive, Low-cost Polymer Adhesive Composites with Complex Dimensional Fillers