Current Investigations

Here is a list of our current research projects.

Investigator Institution Title
High Performance and Multijunction Cells - Thrust Leader: Tonio Buonassisi 
Ali Javey Berkeley High Performance, Low Cost, III‐V Solar Cells
James S. Harris Stanford Ultra High Efficiency Thin Film Multi-junction Solar Cell
Michael McGehee Stanford Low-Cost Tandem Solar Cells With Greater than 20% Power Conversion Efficiency
Eli Yablonovitch Berkeley High Voc Solar Absorbers for High-Efficiency, Spectral-Splitting, Solar Cells
Tonio Buonassisi MIT Design Principles and Defect Tolerances of Silicon/III-V Multijunction Interfaces
Peter Bermel Purdue Exploratory Photovoltaic Modeling and Simulation: An End-to-End, Technology-Agnostic Approach
Mike McGehee, Paul McIntyre Stanford Improving the Long-Term Stability of Perovskite Solar Cells

Seth Hubbard, Diane Huffaker


Highly Mismatched GaSb-GaAs Thin Film Multijunction Solar Cells
Bruce Clemens, Alberto Salleo Stanford
Spatially-Engineered Delamination Layers for Epitaxial Liftoff of Photovoltaic Devices
Xiaolin Zheng Stanford Fast and Scalable Deposition of Crystalline MoOx for Si and III-V Photovoltaics
Photon Management and Transparent Conductors Thrust Leaders: Shanhui Fan and Joel Ager
Wladek Walukiewicz LBNL Ideal Transparent Conductors for Full Spectrum Photovoltaics
Joel Ager LBNL New P-type Transparent Conductors
Harry Atwater  Caltech
Shanhui Fan Stanford Optimal Integration of Transparent Electrodes and Photon Management
Silicon Absorbers and Cells - Thrust Leader: Sanjay Banerjee
Yi Cui Stanford High Efficiency Ultrathin Silicon Solar Cells
Sanjay Banerjee Texas Exfoliated Si MIS Cells
Tonio Buonassisi, Stefan Estreicher MIT, Texas Tech Defect Identification and Mitigation in High-lifetime Silicon Materials: Growth, Processing, Reliability
Bhushan Sopori NREL
Evaluation of Flash Annealing for High Efficiency Cell Fabrication on Low-Cost n-CZ Wafers
Harry Atwater, Mark Brongersma, Stuart Bowden Caltech, Stanford, ASU
Thin Si HIT Cells with High Performance Metasurface Light Trapping and Passivation
Thin Film Absorbers and Cells - Thrust Leader: Hugh Hillhouse
Michael Toney SLAC Advanced Materials Characterization
Hugh Hillhouse Washington Development of Multicolor Lock-in PL Method
Mark Lonergan Oregon Identifying Problem Areas in CIGS and CdTe Based Photovoltaic Devices
Colin Wolden CSM Non-Equilibrium Processing of CdTe Absorbers
Mike Scarpulla Utah Laser Processing to Improve CdTe Thin Film Photovoltaics Efficiency and Manufacturing
Chris Ferekides USF Laser Processing to Improve CdTe Thin Film Photovoltaics Efficiency and Manufacturing
Paul Alivisatos LBNL Grain Boundary Engineering in Solution-Processed CdTe Films
Yong-Hang Zhang  ASU High-Efficiency CdTe/ MgCdTe Double – Heterostructure Solar Cells
Encapsulation and Reliability - Thrust Leader: Reinhold Dauskardt
Reinhold Dauskardt Stanford Reliability and Operational Lifetimes for BAPVC Technologies
Roger French Case Western PV Module Performance & Lifetime Prediction:Inserting New Technologies Without Lifetime Penalty
M. Ashraf Alam Purdue A Multiscale, electro-thermal-optical Reliability Framework for PID and Soiling
Robert Collins Toledo
High Sensitivity Mapping of Stress via Anisotropic Optics for Improved PV Manufacturing
Matthew Reese NREL Improving the Speed and Calibration of Water Vapor Transmission Rate Measurements

Jeffrey Urban, Alberto Salleo, Reiner Dauskardt 

LBNL, Stanford

Synthesis, Testing, and In-Operando Reliability Characterization of Novel Composite Barrier Layers
Sue Carter UCSC
Understanding and Improving Durability of Organic Photovoltaic Materials
Capex Awards

Harry Atwater, Stuart Bowden, Mark Brongersma, Tonio Buonassisi

Caltech, ASU, Stanford, MIT

Economic Silicon Heterojunction Solar Cells with Optimized Photon Management
Reiner Dauskardt, Jeffrey Urban, Alberto Salleo
Sue Carter, Matthew Reese
Stanford, LBNL, Stanford, UCSC, NREL
Innovating Module Materials and Metrologies for Reliability of BAPVC Technologies
Yong-Hang Zhang, Mike Scarpulla, Chris Ferekides
ASU, Utah, USF
Low-Cost High-Efficiency 1.7 eV MgCdTe DH Subcell for Si Based Tandems
Ajeet Rohatgi, Mike Stavola
GIT, Lehigh
Wafer-Level Processing of Si Substrates to Improve their Material Quality and Extend Ingot Yield (as useable wafers/ingot) for Very High Efficiency Solar Cells
Mike McGehee, Paul McIntyre, Zachary Holman
Stanford, ASU
Low Capex Solar Manufacturing Enabled by Perovskite Semiconductors
Roger French, Timothy Peshek, Hongping Zhao
Bryan Huey
Network Modeling for Rapid Optimization of Lifetime, Efficiency and CapEx of PERC Solar Cells